Recipe: Homemade Sun-Dried Tomato Bread

Homemade Bread | The Fringe Boyfriend Trey made mouthwatering bread last weekend without the use of any professional bread-making equipment. When it was done, I was shocked it looked and tasted like bread, much less really, really good bread. We did the math and each loaf amounts to 29 cents. So, of course, Trey resolved never to buy grocery store bread again. We’ll see how long that lasts.

This recipe does call for a cast iron dutch oven. You need one because it retains heat really well, allowing for your bread to rise. If you don’t have one, I recommend investing in one–they will last forever and have multitudes of uses in the kitchen. I did a lot of research looking for hours and settled on a enameled red oven from Lodge. It’s a little less expensive than a lot of the brands out there. Read more!

Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie

shepherds_pieShepherd’s pie is one of my favorite cold-weather meals. It was a regular dinner in my household growing up. My mom would make a huge casserole-size dish and we’d eat the leftovers for days. It’s one of those hearty dinners that seems even tastier reheated. Though shepherd’s pie is undoubtedly an Irish meal, it has such a Southern feel to it: Meat and potatoes, home and love–and for me, nostalgia– all in one cute baking dish by Le Creuset. Read more!

Muffin Recipe Sent Straight from God. Or Martha Stewart.

baked blueberry muffins in panThis is the muffin recipe to end all debates concerning muffin recipes. This is it. The One, with a capital “o.” And I found it in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living.

This heaven-sent recipe produces the most crumbly, sweet, delectable muffins–and it’s versatile so you can add or subtract ingredients to make it your own. (I used blueberries instead of bananas and it turned out wonderfully). Read more!