Recipe: Shepherd’s Pie

shepherds_pieShepherd’s pie is one of my favorite cold-weather meals. It was a regular dinner in my household growing up. My mom would make a huge casserole-size dish and we’d eat the leftovers for days. It’s one of those hearty dinners that seems even tastier reheated. Though shepherd’s pie is undoubtedly an Irish meal, it has such a Southern feel to it: Meat and potatoes, home and love–and for me, nostalgia– all in one cute baking dish by Le Creuset. Read more!

5 Good, Affordable Wines

alamos_malbecAnybody who knows me well knows I love wine. I don’t just love it–I need it. Red wine, that is. The more tannins, the better. Give me dry, give me full-bodied, give me oak and complexity. I was raised by a father who works for a wine distributor and a family who sips it at every meal. So though I basically worship Dionysus, don’t judge me. It’s not my fault.

There was a point in time (college) when I could drink three-buck-chuck and enjoy it. I know, it’s laughable and slightly embarrassing. Now, however, I need a wine that has more flavor than a stale grape juice. Something delicious that enhances my meals, but doesn’t drain my wallet. Here are five wines I highly recommend to get the job done. Though mostly reds, I threw in two whites for kicks. Enjoy!
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Wine + Cheese Date

cheese plateTrey and I have a recurring wine and cheese date at home. It’s more fun than buying a cheese plate and glasses of wine at a restaurant, because we go to Whole Foods and pick out cheeses and a wine we’ve never tried.  We then do it up, spreading it all out on a slate cheese board we found at World Market, and add salami, fancy crackers, and fig jam to the mix.  I thought I’d share the hits and misses from this time around in case anyone here is looking for a cozy, creative at-home date night. Read more!