Shots from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

On the frozen Lake Geneva, Wisconsin | The Fringe On the frozen Lake Geneva, Wisconsin | The Fringe On the frozen Lake Geneva, Wisconsin | The Fringe

I turned 24 recently, so my boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  We’ve been attempting to take these quick trips all around the Midwest, trying to see as much of it as we can, but we keep being pulled back to Wisconsin.  Madison, Milwaukee, Lake Geneva…they all have so much charm, and everybody’s overly kind. And FYI, going out at night is so much less expensive than a night on the town in Chicago. You can really do it up.

While there, I got an amazing facial at Clearwater salon. Then we took advantage of our hotel’s massive jacuzzi for most of the day, and later got a kick out of watching Packers fans lose their minds while playing the Seahawks. My god, they really get into their football.

If you’re ever in Lake Geneva, you have to try Simple. It’s a delicious, healthy brunch spot with amazing Colectivo coffee.  Don’t miss it. The photos above were taken on our second day. It was about 45 degrees while we were there, but the lake was still frozen solid. Not the best choice of footwear, I know, but couldn’t miss a chance to venture out on the ice.

*Parka is Zara, jeans are Madewell, bag is Lucky Brand, boots are Nine West.

Have a lovely rest of the week! SL


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