Hats For Days

You know when you get something new, and then you want 10 of that item in every shape/form/color imaginable? You’re no longer satisfied with just one. Nope. You now have a hunger.

Well, I’m in the throes of that right now. I got my fabulous fedora for Christmas, and I can’t stop scouring the internet for more.  The good news is I found some pretty incredible variations. The bad news–I’m going to be responsible, stick with the one I have and wear the shit out of it. So you go shop, and I’ll go cry. Just kidding. But not really.

Free People floppy hatStop it. Do you see that hardware detail?? DO YOU SEE IT? Free People, $58.

Urban Outfitters feather hatFeather for the win. Urban Outfitters, $49.

ASOS floppy hatA little bit western, a little bit retro. ASOS, $38.

Free People rust-colored hatFloppy and bright. Yes, please. Free People, $58.

Mod Cloth floppy hat

Of the garden party variety. Mod Cloth, $35.

Jessica Leone structured fedoraCovet-worthy, but oh so out of my price range. Jessica Leone, $187.


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