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Business casual | The FringeFREE PEOPLE jeans | VINCE CAMUTO blazer (more affordable style here) | DOLCE VITA mules | J.CREW tee

Business casual is the style I live in. And I’m sure that goes for most young women out there working regular 9 to 5 jobs. As sad as it makes me, we can’t wear roomy boho knits and levi cut-offs every day. I see so many bloggers whose styles seem perpetually stuck in the beach babe/boho realm. Of course it’s adorable, but who can wear that during the week? To be honest, the photos above are even pushing it…Swap out the ripped jeans for a non-distressed pair and that’s my regular office outfit.

Because I’m stuck wearing shirt/pants/blazer combo most days, it’s important for me to find little ways to stand out. Otherwise, I’d go crazy with the monotony.  I add small, quirky details into the mix, like this purse made from an old book cover. It’s cute, different and it’s a conversation-starter. I also prefer unique booties as opposed to generic flats. With these Dolce Vita mules, I can easily slip them off under my desk and no one’s the wiser. Adding lots of necklaces and bracelets helps me look put-together for work (like I didn’t just roll out of bed 30 minutes ago).

Happy Tuesday! SL

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