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Silk blouse & joggers | The FringeThanks so much for checking out The Fringe!

The Fringe is a life & style blog by me, Shelby Livingston. I began this blog to flex my creative muscles during my loads of free time in post-grad unemployed life. Seriously, y’all. Where are the jobs?

I love fashion, and my style tends to evolve quickly. Just thinking of my wardrobe from a few years ago makes me cringe. Currently, I would categorize my style as city slicka comfortable chic. I love to get dressed up, but I’m also a mega fan of jeans, a t-shirt, and my trusty birks. My style is inspired by the fashion magazines I read, the fab style bloggers I follow, and the everyday street style of whatever city I’m in.

But this isn’t just a fashion-centric site. I┬álove to eat, and I’m always trying out new recipes and hotspot eateries in town. I’ll be posting my culinary adventures here. And I’m a big reader! So look for book recommendations and reviews…and suggest some yourself!

Thanks again!

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